The Education Section offers a range of learning opportunities for all visitors to choose from, whether you wish to spend ten minutes doing a discovery trail or much longer on an object handling session or even a term length course.

Our Community Education and Schools' Education Teams are developing new programmes as more of the collections are being shown in the galleries or online.

School groups, community groups, or individual visitors can design their own learning experiences using the Museum's learning packs and trails for each of the galleries. Additional information about the collections can be found in the Exhibitions section of this site or by visiting the library in the Museum.

  • Research facilities

    Bath Postal Museum is here for everyone whatever your age or level of interest. We welcome researchers by appointment. Bath Postal Museum is keen to encourage higher education learners and researchers to use the museum’s archive and research collection. We do charge a fee of £25 per half day for this service, which goes to maintaining and increasing the collections. Booking in advance is essential. We can also provide talks and guided tours to special interest groups. Please ring for details.

  • Families and Community Groups

    Bath Postal Museum has something for all age groups. During your visit you can follow trails around the Museum, create your own pictures, handle objects listen to the talking heads and dress up as people from the past.. We may be able to open the museum at particular times for large groups. We are keen to participate in community activities and events.

  • Loan Box Collection Scheme

    Bring history alive for your pupils with Postal Museum loan boxes. We cover many curriculum areas with artefacts to display, handle and inspire writing activities, from Ancient Egypt to today.

  • School Information

    Bath Postal Museum is an ideal resource for all schools, providing a wealth of opportunities for cross curricular approaches and studies for all age groups, with particular focus on Literacy, Art and Design and History.

  • School Visiting FAQ's

    We can cater for up to 20 students at a time. If your group is larger than this, we can organise split visits with other nearby venues.